What We Can Do Together

One-to-One Counseling


In a 60-minute initial consultation, you can share your history about your relationship with food and your body, and what moved you to reach out about nutrition counseling. We will also discuss your medical history, food likes and dislikes, any intolerances, and establish goals for what you would like to achieve from our work together.

In 45-minute follow-up sessions, we discuss wins and challenges and explore moments throughout the week that help us better understand barriers to a truly healthy relationship with food and your body. These discussions are some of my favorite parts - where we break down a moment in your week and learn something from it to help you grow and move forward.

Additionally, each week, we set small goals to help work towards the overarching objectives we established in our initial consultation. We often will come up with these goals together based on the day's discussion. This is what makes your sessions completely individualized and uniquely you.

Want to chat before moving forward?
Schedule a complimentary 15-minute call here. You can also email me at nicole@bodyovermindnutrition.com with questions.


I can't wait to get started together!

Digital Resource: Your 10-Step Guide to Food Freedom and Body Acceptance

Updated edition released in April 2022! Over 50 pages featuring my TOP 10 tried-and-true steps to food freedom and body acceptance, plus:

  • unique tips to support your progress forward

  • workbook exercises - to practice what you read in the chapters and fine-tune your skills

  • supporting evidence and studies

  • powerful mantras to assist you in tough moments

  • details about my personal story and experience with disordered eating


This guide is perfect for:

  • anyone who wants to heal their relationship with food and body; if you’re not yet sure about working with an RD, don’t feel financially ready to do so, or even if you worked with an RD and want additional tools to support your recovery, this is for YOU

  • RD2Bs who want to learn more about the non-diet approach (because we don’t learn it in school!)

  • current RDs and therapists who want to learn more about the non-diet approach and fine-tune their skills in working with clients who need this kind of support

  • fitness professionals who want to have a better understanding of struggles of clients with food and body image issues and how to navigate topics as they come up

  • friends or family members of someone going through recovery to help learn the language, tools, and skills they are learning as they heal