What We Can Do Together

My practice is a 100% virtual practice, not only for ease and convenience of scheduling, but also to maintain safety for everyone.
Private Counseling:
  •  In a 60-minute initial consultation, you provide an in-depth overview of your history and goals.

  • In 45-minute follow-up sessions, we review your dietary intake, navigate challenges, and curate meal suggestions for your lifestyle.  

  • Each week, we set small goals to help you achieve exactly what you want from our work together. We come up with these goals together, and this is what makes your sessions completely individualized and uniquely you.

Meal Support: 
  • 60-minute session tailored to your personal goals.

  • Learn to listen to your body's natural hunger and fullness cues over a meal with me. 

  • This is a fun excellent teaching method and the perfect way to cement new knowledge to make lasting behavior changes.

Guided Grocery Shopping:
  • What you have in your kitchen can make or break not only the nutritional quality of your meals, but also, without a doubt, the ease of putting your meals together each day.

  • I offer a 60-minute guided tour to teach you what kitchen staples to keep on-hand as well as food-prep hacks to make meal planning a breeze.

  • Tours and shopping lists are tailored to your preferences, lifestyle, and any food allergies or intolerances.

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