How It Works 

Nutrition Counseling That Let's You Be You 
The Body Over Mind Concept

Nicole Groman, MS, RDN, CDN, founder of Body Over Mind Nutrition, has found that one of biggest obstacles to achieving a truly balanced diet is the misconception that certain foods "should" or "should not" be eaten, leading individuals to often listen to their minds instead of their bodies. The body may be giving pretty clear signs that it needs or wants a certain food, but the mind takes control, thinking, "I don't need that," or "I shouldn't have that." This type of mentality can lead to restrictive eating behavior that ultimately backfires because it becomes too difficult to consistently deny yourself foods you want.


The Body Over Mind concept encourages prioritizing your body over your mind, having faith that your body will tell you what it needs, what it doesn't, when it's had too much, or if it hasn't had enough. Nicole's favorite question on the client history form provided to you is, "What foods can't you live without ... or just don't want to?" Her goal is to make sure you enjoy food in a way that helps promote optimal physical health and - just as importantly - mental health surrounding food. Interested in learning more?